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1.4. Cron errors executing Webalizer

Error executing program: [user_id] /hsphere/shared/bin/webalizer -p -Q -N 20 -D /var/log/dns_cache.db -r [domain name] -n [domain name] -o /hsphere/local/home/[user id]/[domain name]/webalizer /hsphere/local/home/[user id]/logs/[domain name]/[domain name].1098662400,256


Log onto the server in question; switch over to the root user.

Change to the directory where the logs are stored having the problem.

Example:  cd /hsphere/local/home/[user id]/logs/[domain name]/

Compress the oldest log files leaving the current log uncompressed using "gzip -9"


gzip -9 [domain name].1099180800

Repeat as necessary for each domain logs having the problem.

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