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1.5. FrontPage Forms come from anonymous@hostname

Even though the end user control panel has the FrontPage From / Reply to email address set, FrontPage based forms has a "from" email address of anonymous@hostname (where hosthame is the hostname of the server that the FrontPage HTML file is located on).


1.  Log onto the server that has the form with the problem
2.  cd /usr/local/frontpage
3.  Edit the "domain:80.cnf" file
4.  Make sure you have the following lines (you will have to create the sendmailcommand line, but you may also have to create the other lines):

mailreplyto:[email address without brackets]
mailsender:[email address without brackets]
sendmailcommand:/var/qmail/bin/sendmail -f[email prefix without brackets]\@[domain name without brackets or www] %r
smtphost:[IP address of your mail server without brackets]



sendmailcommand:/var/qmail/bin/sendmail -fsupport\@dynamicnet.net %r

You do not have to restart any services after making changes to the .cnf file in /usr/local/frontpage

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