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2.1. Billable Time

When you open a support ticket by telephone, FAX, our help desk system, or via email, you are authorizing our support team to research, troubleshoot, log into servers, perform work, and help you any way they can.

If any of the services requested are outside of the contracted support bundle you have purchased, your account may be debited at our regular hourly rate billed in 15-minute increments if during business hours and 60-minute increments if after business hours when you don't have a 24x7x365 customer care contract in place.

Please see Managed Services Plans and Pricing for our current rates.

While our goal is to resolve the problem 100% of the time, and we will strive to resolve every request swiftly, investigation time is included under the umbrella of paid managed services even if initial investigation does not lead to immediate resolution. 

If there are any questions or you'd be interested in buying bulk administration time at a discount, please contact solutions@dynamicnet.net

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